The Journey

And so we begin our adventure! Ahhh!

12:20 GMT – 2 hours into the journey: We start our trip with a short stop off in Helsinki, where it “feels like” minus 8 degrees; fabulous news when we’re dressed for 35 degrees. Elliot’s asleep (obviously), but the snowy views are amazing, and it’s a beautifully clear day (also not too much turbulence yay), and we got complimentary blueberry juice. I’m not sure where we are, but we’re about an hour off landing so I assume we’re over Finland already (or maybe Denmark my Skandanavian geography knowledge is pretty poor).

12:25 GMT: We’ve just been informed the approach may be a little turbulent *panics*.

18:55 GMT (I made Elliot keep his watch in GMT) – 9ish hours into the journey: Wowza that 6 hours has actually gone pretty quickly. Helsinki Airport was delightful, if a little (or a lot) chilly. We had a lovely walk to stretch our legs and I ate an extrordinarily overpriced cinnamon bun. We are now 4 hours into our second flight; I have no perception of local time but we’ve been fed and I feel like we’re going to be put to bed soon, so hopefully I’ll be able to sleep (but probably not).

11:30 GMT – 13.5ish hours into the journey: I actually managed to sleep halle-fucking-lujah (sorry for the language, I’m genuinely ecstatic). So I slept for about an hour and a half I think, which is just fabulous. Currently eating breakfast, I’ve learnt one thing during this journey; the Fins absolutely love their blueberries. I’ve just eaten a blueberry yoghurt, and I’m about to drink my blueberry juice before snacking on my blueberry muffin. Do blueberries even grow in Finland? I’m not complaining, merely asking the question.

9ish hours after landing: We’ve had a wander, checked in to our hostel, and had a nap because the heat/lack of sleep was starting to get to us. I’d never flown with Finnair before, and our expectations were pretty low merely because we’d gone with them purely because it was the cheapest! But they were amazing, couldn’t recommend it highly enough (but be dressed for Helsinki if possible lol).

I hope you enjoyed the ramblings of my journey, and if not then just be satisfied in the knowledge that writing them gave me something to do! We’re now off out to find some Pad Thai.

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