Historical little Hue


Current location: Rodo Cafe, Hue. Drinking an iced ginger tea, and the complimentary green tea which which most cafes here offer; on this occasion, we’ve been given popcorn flavoured! Sounds so bizarre but it’s delicious.

We arrived in Hue on the 11th, only for me to be violently hit yet again by some kind of virus/food poisoning. I was pretty fed up (obviously), as it meant we couldn’t do anything really our first full day here, and it’s just so inconvenient, so we hurried off to the hospital the next morning to get me sorted out asap. If there’s something I’ve learnt whilst travelling, it’s that if you’re looking for the international clinic on a huge hospital site, look for the nicest looking, or most modern building. I was a little dubious when we first arrived at the bleak, run-down hospital in Hue, but after a few misguided directions, followed by a nice lady from reception walking us across the entire length of the site, we were presented to the new, shiny international (or “foreigners”, as they so affectionately call it) clinic. They sent me for an ultrasound, and diagnosed me with (probably food poisoning induced) gastroenteritis, as expected, and sent me on my way with some antibiotics. I was also advised to only eat noodle soup for two days, so I spent the rest of the afternoon hangrily bickering with Elliot, before giving up at eating spag bol for dinner, which I figured is kind of the same.

We spent the rest of the day exploiting the facilities of a luxury hotel just down the road from our little hotel; sunbathing and swimming. Don’t get me wrong, our hotel is fabulous (I’m flabbergasted by some of the rooms we’ve been able to afford on our £5 each/night budget), but alas, it doesn’t have a pool.

Today we’re going to the Imperial City, the most popular and probably touristy site in Hue, but we’ve stopped for a drink en-route as it’s sweltering outside.


Currently waiting for the bus to take us to Hoi An.

The Imperial City yesterday was fascinating; absolutely beautiful buildings, spread out over a huge area of bright gardens and lakes. It was extremely hot, so it took us a good few hours to get around, but it was such a tranquil place that it didn’t matter.

At one point in the day, we were standing on a bandstand (I’m not sure it was actually a bandstand but I don’t know the proper word for it sorry), sheltering from the sun, when a tiny bat landed on the floor next to us. I thought it was cute, until I realised its wings weren’t formed properly yet and it would probably die there. I considered picking it up and trying to put it back in the roof, but bats are the predominant carrier of rabies here, and I’ve only had two of the three injections required to be fully vaccinated, so I sensibly thought better of it (and Elliot said no). We gave it some water to drink, and then went on our way.

We’ve been staying at the Casablanca Boutique Hotel, which is absolutely lovely and the staff are so helpful, so I would definitely recommend it. Also, the room rate includes an incredible breakfast (we’ve had some dodgy hotel breakfasts), so win win. Hue has surprised me; it’s supposedly a bit of a nothing town, with only the Imperial City really to draw people in; but I rather like the little town. Nice hospital too (would obviously avoid that if possible though). Next stop: Hoi An.

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