Mui Ne


We’ve spend the last two beautiful days in Mui Ne; a tiny little coastal town boasting huge sand dunes. There isn’t really much to “do” in Mui Ne other than visit the sand dunes, so we decided to stay at the Mui Ne Hills hotel/hostel complex, complete with 3 swimming pools and a fabulous restaurant. We had originally booked a double room inside the hostel, but were upgraded for free to the hotel upon arrival. Amazing.

In order to see the dunes, we booked a sunrise tour with the hotel. We departed at the sleepy hour of 4am, to the white sand dunes, where we climbed to watch the sunrise from the top. It was really beautiful, and definitely worth getting up early for. We then went on to see the red sand dunes, a fascinating fishing village, and the Fairy Stream. The fishing village was really interesting; a beach and harbour buzzing with boats and activity. Many of the fishing boats themselves do not look like boats; in the French colonial era, a boat tax was introduced which many locals could not afford. For this reason, they started to build “basket boats” instead, to avoid it. These are literally huge baskets, woven together and waterproofed to withstand even rough weather. Although the tax is no longer in place, the boats have become traditional and well known, hence they’re still used today. I’d actually read about these boats somewhere already, and surprised Elliot with my history knowledge (that doesn’t happen very often).

Aside from the tour, we spent most of our time in Mui Ne eating, swimming in the pool and sunbathing. One thing I absolutely love about travelling is the variety; one day we’ll be in a pool or on the beach, the next in a busy city. It’s impossible to get bored.

We’re nearing the end of our 6 weeks in Vietnam. It was the country I was most excited to explore, and it’s surpassed every expectation I had. When we first arrived in Hanoi, right up North, I was dreading getting to the South and for our time here to be over. But as we’re nearing Ho Chi Minh City, I’ve realised I’m ready and excited to immerse myself in yet another completely different culture. Southern Vietnam is extremely developed and very Westernised, so I’m anticipating a huge change just crossing the border into Cambodia, I think it will be very different. For now though, on to the chaotic Ho Chi Minh City!

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