Koh Samui


We’ve just arrived in Koh Samui. Yesterday we flew from Siem Reap to Surat Thani via Bangkok, but unfortunately we didn’t get to Surat Thani in time to get the boat here, so we had a little stopover there.

We got up this morning bright and early to be picked up for the boat at 6:30… Except the bus didn’t arrive, so at 7:30 we rang the boat company, only to be politely informed we’d (I’d) booked the boat for July instead of June. Staggeringly, the company were extremely helpful (that’s more of a rarity than I’d like), and arranged for us to get the boat today anyway, sending a taxi to get us straight away!

So despite my best efforts, we have arrived on the right day in the right month, and the weather is beautiful so the boat was nice and smooth. Koh Samui seems very civilised from what we’ve seen so far; we’re staying at Visit Natural Detox Resort, which has a pool, vegan cafe, yoga classes and a gym (safe to say we won’t be using the gym). The island is very clean, with a seemingly infinite number of lovely cafes catering to Western demand.


Ive just had a flashback to Kavos ’12; after splashing about in the pool for about half an hour, I got out only to notice my hair had turned an undesirable shade of green. I guess I’m lucky to have made it 3 months without my hair turning green already with all the different dodgy hotel pools I’ve been in. After extensive Googling, we’ll be going to a 7/11 when we leave to buy some ketchup, which will apparently neutralise it. I’m surprisingly chilled considering my head currently exhibits a limey hue.

Despite this, we’re having a glorious relaxing time here in Koh Samui, and the weather is perfect. Although it’s lovely here, really it feels like we could be on any European holiday island; there’s Tesco, Esso, and Irish pubs, so it’s probably the least authentic place we’ve been so far, but I guess that’s because it’s so popular with Westerners. On the flipside, this does mean it’s one of the cleanest place we’ve been. There are bins everywhere, and no huge piles of rubbish lining the streets (an unfortunate regularity across SE Asia).


You’ll be pleased to know the ketchup worked extremely well, and the green came out my hair completely! Apparently the red works by counteracting the green and neutralising it, the same way purple shampoo does for removing yellow. I do wish we’d known this in Kavos. Despite it being very effective, it was absolutely disgusting and I didn’t enjoy slathering it all over my hair nor sitting around for half an hour waiting for it to take effect. Elliot laughed at me (of course) and said I smelled like McDonald’s.

We went for a walk along the sea front this morning; the sea is beautifully clear and the beach wasn’t too busy, so it was lovely and peaceful.

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