Koh Phangan


I’m really happy with the route we devised to travel. Looking back, we were so incredibly busy the first 8 weeks of our journey; constantly going from city to city with jam packed itinerarys and very little chill time (obviously all time is chill time when you’re travelling but you know what I mean). It has become slowly but progressively more relaxing as time has gone on, and I’m glad of that. I was saying to Elliot this morning, I doubt I’d have the energy to do those first 8 weeks all over again now. I’m thoroughly enjoying hopping between beautiful, relaxing islands. Don’t get me wrong, Malaysia will be very full on, and I’m excited for that, but for the time being I’m happy being a lazy, brunching beach bum until then.

Our time in Koh Samui was short but sweet; a lovely, clean, relaxing couple of days in paradise. We got the boat over to Koh Phangan yesterday afternoon. Koh Phangan is the party island out of the East Thai Islands, and as it’s a full moon tonight, it would be rude not to indulge ourselves in the Full Moon Party. We’re staying in a lovely little bungalow on the beach front, but unfortunately we’re without air con or hot water, which is a bit of a culture shock from the glorious (and good value) hotels to which we’ve become accustomed in Cambodia and Koh Samui. Nonetheless, I’m excited to go out.


I’m so horrendously hungover. The full moon party was so much fun; there were eight stages along the beach, all playing different music, and we boogied on the sand until sunrise. There’s something magical about sitting on a beach whilst the sun comes up.

But my hangover is making me feel very old. I’ve spent the day horizontal, slowly making my way through a loaf of bread that Elliot so kindly went out and bought for me. I ache all over and I’ve got about 1000 insect bites, but I’d still say it was all worth it.

To make matters worse, we’ve just had an incident with the biggest spider I’ve ever seen in our bathroom. It was a horrible, fat one with chunky, hairy legs, and not at all what I needed today. We’re now a little jumpy, so obviously a little frog leapt across our path on the way to dinner and terrified us.


Today has been absolutely divine. We went for a walk along the beach before breakfast; the tide was out so there were raised walkways of sand that allowed us to walk out into the sea, and there was a lovely cool breeze at that time. We went for Brunch, and then spent the afternoon on the beach.

I finished a book today: “Why We Sleep: The New Science of Sleep and Dreaming”, by Matthew Walker. It’s an absolutely fascinating read, and I’d recommend it to everyone. It’s bizarre that we happily go through life knowing next to nothing about something we spend (or should spend) a third of our time doing. It addresses important issues and grave consequences of the current epidemic we’re facing in the modern world; mass sleep deprivation. I’d go as far as to name it a life-changing read. Don’t get me wrong, I have no problems sleeping, and will happily sleep longer in the name of my health (you don’t need to ask me twice), but the consequences of chronic sleep deprivation of just a short amount of time each night are truly astonishing, and something I think we should all learn about.

Whilst I’m here talking about books, I’ll mention another that I read last week, which I’d also consider to be life changing: “How To Own The World”, by Andrew Craig. This book made me realise how absolutely vital it is for our generation (or anyone under the age of about 40 actually) learn how to have control over their finances; to budget efficiently, invest wisely, and prepare themselves for the uncomfortable fact that the government will not be able to provide us with pensions we can live off. Elliot read it, and said I should. I thought it sounded boring, but I now realise that’s because I knew absolutely nothing about finance, and didn’t think I had an interest in it. It turns out that it’s extremely difficult to stick with the notion of being uninterested in something that will so vastly affect my life, particularly in the next few years. It was also genuinely enthralling, and I now understand the film “The Big Short” (and thus the global financial crash of 2008 which that film depicts), which I feel is important.

So yes regardless of the fact that I currently do spend a lot of my time lying on the beach looking like I’m doing absolutely nothing, I’m really enjoying allocating that time to learning via books.

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