Seminyak, Bali


We’ve made it to Indonesia! Pretty much our final country, except for a couple of days in Singapore. The flight was fine, but the 3 hour period of time between landing and getting to our hotel was absolute chaos.

We landed and got through immigration in about 10 minutes, which is always a fabulous start to a country. We then, however, stood at the carousel waiting for our bags for over an hour and a half before the belt even started moving. It was a further half hour before our bags finally came out. But this wasn’t the end, oh no, we then had to fill out quarantine forms and queue to get our bags x-rayed, again, on the way out. We finally got out, only to be hounded by upwards of 50 taxi drivers (genuinely no exaggeration there), all insisting that there are no Grab cars (Grab is Asia’s Uber) around the airport. This was of course a lie, but Grabs cost around a quarter of the price of airport taxis so I assume their business is dependant on gullible tourists. We finally found our Grab after a flustered period of confusion, consisting of us wandering around looking for it at street level before realising the pick up point was two floors up. We finally got to our Homestay at about 10pm, 3 hours after landing. Luckily we’d thought to pick up some extraordinarily overpriced food on the way out of the airport so we didn’t have to venture out again.

This morning we went for a glorious breakfast in Seminyak, and then headed off to the beach. After a busy 10 days in Malaysia, it’s so lovely to be able to just relax and read again. The sea is frightfully rough here so I only dared go in knee-deep, and even then I was almost wiped out by a wave, but there’s a lovely breeze so it’s a pleasant temperature to just lie on the beach.

We’ve developed a bit of a beach hydration hack whilst travelling, that I thought I’d share, which we use when we have a fridge in our hotel room (the beach isn’t actually necessary, but it’s something we do for the beach to make sure we drink enough). We get a two litre bottle of water each and drop a tea bag in it; we usually use black tea or green tea with lemon, but you can use whatever you fancy obviously. Stick the bottle in the fridge over night (it doesn’t stew because it’s cold), and then take the tea bag out in the morning. It’s such a cheap and easy way of making ice tea without all the sugar and additives that are in ready-made ice tea. Plus it’s delicious so we don’t get bored of drinking, and instead stay hydrated at the beach.


We’ve had a lovely couple of days in Seminyak; I was surprised at how nice it was considering that the suburbs around Kuta are supposedly just OK. The beach was spotless and the town was buzzing with lots of lovely cafes and shops. It’s a very touristy area, but I guess Bali is all very touristy. This afternoon we’re getting a taxi up to Ubud; a hippy, yoga and crystal kind of vibe town, so I’m buzzing to chill there for a few days.

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