The End

19/08/18 We're home. Yesterday we flew home from Singapore. The journey was actually fairly enjoyable; we flew with Quatar Airways so it was pretty comfortable and the food was good. Throughout this adventure, I've had very mixed feelings about the time at which it will end. Sometimes, particularly at the beginning, I felt sad that… Continue reading The End



15/08/18 Singapore; the final stop in this adventure! I can't believe we've reached the end (for now). The flights here were relatively painless. We flew from Flores to Jakarta, then from Jakarta to Singapore. On our second flight, the most bizarre thing happened. Shortly after take off, an air hostess came down the aisle, located… Continue reading Singapore

Labuan Bajo, Flores

09/08/18 Indonesia is an emotional rollercoaster. Yesterday, we finally arrived in Labuan Bajo from Lombok, after a four hour delay at our stopover in Bali. Unfortunately, my bag didn't make it past Bali; the carousel stopped, signifying it had finished delivering luggage, and I was left standing there bagless. Luckily my labelless bag was sitting… Continue reading Labuan Bajo, Flores

Kuta, Lombok

06/08/18 I had many fears and anxieties about coming travelling, but one thing I hadn't even considered I should be scared of was natural disasters. Last night whilst eating dinner, a huge magnitude seven earthquake struck Lombok, 38 miles North from Kuta Town where we are. We felt it very hard. Everyone ran out of… Continue reading Kuta, Lombok

Gili Air, Lombok

01/08/18 Nobody panic, but it's AUGUST. Crikey where has this year gone. We got a boat from Gili T to Gili Air this morning. Gili Air is the medium sized of the three Gili Islands, and named so as "air" translates to "water" from Indonesian (very confusing), and Gili Air is the only island of… Continue reading Gili Air, Lombok

Gili Trawangen, Lombok

28/07/18 If my mother was here, she'd be saying that us getting to Gili T just "isn't meant to be", and I'd be giving her "the look". We got up at 4am this morning for our transfer to the airport, for the flight we'd booked last minute to Lombok (due to the sea being too… Continue reading Gili Trawangen, Lombok

Padangbai, Bali

25/07/18 We are having an absolute nightmare. We arrived in Padangbai, where the boats leave from to go to the Gili Islands (our next location), only to find that all boats have been cancelled due to bad weather out at sea. We have three nights booked here in Padangbai, which gives us 2 days to… Continue reading Padangbai, Bali